I hope you suffer for the pain you cause me to have. 

I said things I can never take back. I’m only human. Your Mom forgave me before she died; when she was in the hospital for that month in front of her face you put on a great show. Once she died you had nothing to do with me. So one of you’s is getting married in a week. Your aunt-my sister tactlessly tells me what’s happening to you and she doesn’t have the sense to know how much this hurts. It’s as if she’s pouring salt in my wounds. I HOPE YOUR HOUSE BURNS DOWN WITH YOU IN IT. I HOPE DEAREST BARBARA, HUSBAND. NIECE AND NEPHEW THAT YOUR PLANE HOME EXPLODES IN THIN AIR AND YOU DIE AN EXCRUCIATING DEATH. I HOPE THERE IS A HELL AND YOU ROAST FOREVER AND EVER. YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME BUT YOU DON’T CARE HOW MUCH PAIN YOU CAUSE ME. YOUR MOM WOULD BE ROLLING OVER IN HER GRAVE IF SHE COULD SEE THAT I AM NOTHING TO YOU. LONG BEFORE SHE WAS YOUR MOTHER SHE WAS MINE. I JUST HOPE I’M IN YOUR WILL BARBARA AND DICK. THAT’S ALL THAT YOU’RE GOOD FOR. YOUR PAINFUL DEATHS ARE THE ONLY THING I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO. C**TS. 


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